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Jim Hansen recently made the 200 MPH club with the East Coast Timing Association (ECTA). The bike was built by him, and tuned by Powerhouse. His bike reached a speed of 209 miles per hour. Jim made several runs over the 200 mile an hour mark and rides this street bike daily.


Speed Trials have now been reintroduced to the East. Land Speed Racing involves Bonneville style cars and motorcycles, racing head long for over a full mile, with speeds exceeding 200 mph. This is not just a long drag race. The rules for Land Speed Racing are quite different and very liberal in comparison to other forms of Motorsports. Competition classes include Streamliners, Lakesters, Roadsters, Competition Coupes, Altereds, Gas Coupes, Modified and Production Pickups, Modified Sports, GT and Production. Bike Classes include Production, Modified, Altered and Streamliners.


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