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All needed hardware is included, along with detailed installation/tuning instructions. Ignition retard must be achieved through a Power Commander, available separately.


SYSTEM FEATURES: This is a complete TurboSystem, with nothing else to buy!

*Entire system fits within stock bodywork for a very "stealthy" look!
*Exhaust note is mellow and quiet enough to avoid unwanted attention.
*Ultramodern Mitsubishi-Hahn Super 16G turbocharger is the most advanced and durable unit available, well proven during years of brutal, record-setting performances.
*Capable of supporting up to 300 HP of airflow, and even more with bolt-in turbo upgrades!
*Billet aluminum intake plenum installs easily.
*Boost gauge (included) has "peak hold" feature to record boost pressure data for later viewing. Can be mounted in concealed area for further "stealth".
*Ceramic-coated exhaust system includes muffler, can be easily configured for a variety of canister types, even dual exhaust.
*Air piping is powder coated for long lasting beauty.
*Fuel system is easy to install and calibrate; interfaces perfectly with factory EFI system.


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