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For the customer who wants more power out of their Gen 2 Hayabusa, we recommend installing Wossner turbo pistons, cylinder studs, stainless steel valves and stronger valve springs. With this combination, there is no need to degree the cams - the stock cams can be re-installed on the factory marks. You can then run 8 pounds of boost on pump fuel, resulting in 250-270 rwhp. Race fuel will take this up to 325 rwhp, and the addition of Wossner H-beam rods will take this same combination to 350 rwhp. Another option: adding an RCC billet fuel rail and 62 pound secondary injectors will enable this kit to make 425+ rwhp on race fuel.

All workmanship comes with a 2 year warranty ----ie. cracking pipes or fittings

Turbo unit comes with a 2 year warranty

Fuel pump and regulator come with a 2 year warranty



2008-2014 230 RWHP RCC Stage One Ecu Editor Turbo System

Custom turbo, built with Garrett internals, will support over 400hp,
38 mm tial gate (external)
304 grade stainless steel header and flanges
braided oil feed line and fittings
oil return line and fittings
new in-line fuel pump
fuel lines for the fuel system
polished aluminum sheet metal air box
riv-nuts and bolts for plenum strap mounts
pair valve block off plates
crankcase vent filter
POWERHOUSE air filter

All vacuum lines, connectors, hose clamps, fittings and necessary hardware are provided along with full instructions. This is an Ecu Editor kit, and comes with a .bin file good to 350 rwhp. As with all RCC turbo systems, this kit is backed by a two year warranty, and full technical assistance from POWERHOUSE.


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