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This is the ultimate street/strip kit.
The liq/air intercooler on this kit will allow you to safely run up to 380hp on pump fuel, and it will make a very efficient 550hp on race fuel. If you are looking for the ultimate turbo kit, this is it!


Garrett GT 35R turbo 44mm V-band Tial Wastegate
50mm Tial Blowoff Valve
3" Stainless Steel Race Dump-pipe
Stainless Steel Header and Flanges
Braided Oil Feed Line with Fittings
Oil Return Line and Fittings
New In-line Fuel Pump
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Lines
Billet Aluminum Airbox/Intercooler and Secondary Injectors
Heat Exchanger & Electric Waterpump
Fuel Controller with 40psi Internal Map Sensor
Oil Block Off Plates
Heavy Duty Clutch Springs
Adjustable Intake Cam Sprocket
Cam Chain Tensioner Spacer
Head Gasket and Base Spacer
Crancase Vent Filter
POWERHOUSE air filter
Vacuum lines, Hoses, Clamps, & Fittings (Prelabeled)

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