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I wanted to write this email to you a couple weeks ago, just have been busy. I'm returning your call with this email. The ecu unleashed was really the best thing I could have done to it.

About the bike I'm amazed how it runs now, much smoother and more powerful than ever. I have noticed a really big increase in horsepower from the bottom especially on the top end, the bike pushes harder to 14000rpm. Also from 8000 to 14000 the power is much more aggressive than before. Also better throttle response that makes a big difference on twisty roads.

Waiting to have some free time and stop by at your location for more advice. I was thinking to add the power commander to it soon and definitely get it tuned by you guys.

I want to say thank you for your great service, I will definitely recommend your shop. - A.Q.

(2012 Kawasaki zx10R)


Just a note to let you know that I'm very pleased to say the least with this ECU Unleashed flash you did for me last week. This past Saturday me and a few friends took a 300 mile round trip ride to Kent Connecticut for breakfast. The bike was flawless! The flash cured the off idle flat spot that sometimes caused it to backfire or even stall at times. It throttles up so much easier and quicker that I had to adjust my wrist input when letting out the clutch. I sounded like a beginner at first, over revving the thing. It also made the bike less vibey and just smoother and easier to ride in all gears, in both Tour and Sport modes. The Tour mode is nice to have in certain situations, but now the difference between the two is huge, makes Sport mode feel more like TURBO mode instead!

Those mid gear restrictions that were right in the meat of the power band are gone, as advertised. What a joke! The difference is incredibly noticeable, and I can't believe they were programmed in there in the first place. The bike feels like it got an engine transplant after a half million hard miles. It's too bad Yamaha can't make the thing run as good as it should from the factory, but that's typical today. I'm glad to have companies like Ecu Unleashed and Powerhouse MC to help make things right. Awesome product and well worth the money! Thanks for the quick one day service too.

Take care, keep the rubber side down. - S.N.

(Yamaha XTZ1200)


Mr. A. is very happy, the re-flash has smoothed out 99% of the roughness, or should I say weakness below 4000rpm that the SC Project exhaust caused him. He is still getting some decel popping noises but overall he is glad to have done the re-flash. His ride is greatly improved.


I'm (Mr. J.) very happy with the re-flash. My only reservation was sending my ECU across the world & getting in back in one piece & done in a couple of weeks! So a week late due to the Thai post was acceptable.

My only real worry was that my bike would lose any of it’s buttery smoothness from idle to redline but it didn’t…....What I can say now is the fuel mapping is even smoother… warm butter now! lol

Plugged in the ECU & no FI warning lights & a very easy startup of one touch of the button, after over 3 weeks of sitting cold. That was a great start to the proceedings.

Warmed her up properly & checked the rev limiter had been raised by 500rpm. All good, the stock 12,000 limit was successfully lifted to 12,500rpm.
The factory restrictions are gone in the lower gears & the bike feels very aggressive in 1st & 2nd gear when accelerating in the upper rev range. The front wheel will lift up, with just slowly rolling the throttle open now. This needed a little help with the clutch or blipping the throttle before the re-flash to get the wheel up with such ease. Haven't been able to test the top speed but i'm sure it will be faster.

The on/off throttle is greatly improved so making last minute adjustments when entering corners is much safer & easier. The engine braking is now much better than before (maybe 30-40% reduction) …..The z800 bike now feels like a 1000cc bike while accelerating but incredibly feels like a 500cc bike when decelerating!! Fantastic drive-ability now on the twisty roads.

The lack of engine breaking & smooth on/off throttle response is worth every penny of the re-flash in my opinion & all the other de-restrictions with acceleration/speed/revs etc are just a bonus.

I came into this with low expectations of any massive power gains & was basically hoping for a more ride-able & a more exciting bike. I got my $400 worth & more, this is the best bang for buck upgrade!! I don’t have to muck about with fiddly & more expensive Power Commander now, the re-flash is plug n’ play & job done.

The final test for me, was to ride down to my Kawasaki dealership & jump on the z800 test bike for a blast around the block. The stock bike Vs my bike is absolutely night & day! More Power, more smoothness with no jumpy on/off throttle & greatly reduced engine braking......this is a winner!

Would I do it again……YES
Would I recommend anyone else doing this…..YES

Thanks again - Mr. J.


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