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POWERHOUSE is now offering high output charging setups for both the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Busas. The components are being offered separately. The Gen 1 and Gen 2 stators are 500W...100W more than stock. The Gen 1 stators are rewound - so we require your stator as a core; the Gen 2 stators are new, no core required. Gen 1 high output stators are $210, and the Gen 2 stators are $160.

For those of you who are concerned with heat issues and/or melted regulator plugs, we are offering "plug and play" MOSFET style regulators for both the Gen 1 and Gen 2. Both versions of these regulator/rectifiers are 50 amp, and will be going for $155 each. These regulators run cooler than the old-style OEM regulators and do not melt plugs or heat up wires. We recommend these regulators with the higher output stators...

Gen 1: Your stator is sent back to you ready to be installed in the cover - the ignition trigger is wired in, the grommet for the wires where they pass through the cover is installed, and the proper plugs are on the end, ready to be plugged directly into your harness.

Gen 2: The new high-output stator for the Gen 2 has to be wired. The ignition trigger is NOT included, nor is the grommet or the two terminal trigger plug for the harness. The main three-wire stator plug is included, but not installed, so you can get your grommet on first. So, you have to harvest a trigger, a grommet and the trigger plug from another existing stator. These three items can be taken from a Gen 1 stator if necessary.

The new MOSFET regulators are $155, so a full setup - stator and regulator - for the Gen 1 will be $365, and the full setup for a Gen 2 would be $315.

It should also be noted that these regulators are totally compatible with the stock charging systems on both bikes; they are "plug and play" and are a better choice than OEM . .

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