The BEST aluminum polish you can get is back on the market - New York's Finest Metal Polish!...
click for more details

Full Spectrum Power Lithium Motorcycle Batteries

Pulse IPT motorcycle batteries represent a clear evolution to the latest available technology, backed by a decade of proven success in building the best lithium motorcycle batteries...click for more details

Wossner H-Beam Connecting Rods

Designed for 500+ horsepower turbo applications, but can be used in any application where a strong rod is needed...click for more details

Hayabusa Heavy Duty Billet Ouput Shaft

The last thing you need on that big horsepower 'Busa is a stock output shaft...click for more details

Hayabusa Oil Pump Gear

This gear will cause the pump to turn at faster speeds which increases oil volume and pressure...click for more details

Hayabusa Billet Quick Access Clutch Cover

Whether the engine is hot or cold, there is no more prying or beating on your billet cover...click for more details

Stand Alone L.E.D. Shift Lights

These things are great - small enough to mount up on
your Hayabusa dashboard under the windshield...click for more details

Stand Alone Precision Mini Digital Launch/Shift Lights

The Raptor shift light has been a hit with the late model, distributor-less engines while still working well with old points type ignitions...the most popular shift light on the market today...click for more details

POWERHOUSE L.E.D. Launch Light!!!

Not a shift light, a launch light for those who need a
light for their TIC-1000 box, or any other application
where a 12V trigger is used...click for more details

Stainless Steel Throttle Blades For Hayabusa

It is no secret that good replacement throttle blades
are very hard to find for the Hayabusa...click for more details

Hayabusa Adjustable Chrome Plated Lever Set

Dress up your 1999-2009 Suzuki Hayabusa with show quality chrome plated adjustable clutch and brake levers...click for more details

GEN 1 & GEN 2 High Output Charging Setups

POWERHOUSE is now offering high output charging setups for both the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Busas...click for more details

Billet Fuel Rail For The Hayabusa

Not only does it give you access to your fuel system,
but it increases flow...click for more details

Block Off Plates For 2008 Hayabusa

Eliminate the clean-air system on your 2008 Hayabusa with these
block off plates from POWERHOUSE...click for more details

Dynojet Color LCD Display - IN STOCK

The LCD Display connects to any Power Commander USB via a "quick disconnect" cable...click for more details

Condor Pit Stop/Trailer Stop

This fully adjustable wheel locking system is
capable of accomodating either front or rear wheels in
sizes from 15-22" or 80-220 mm wide....click for more details

Robinson Industries Output Shaft Support Plate

POWERHOUSE MOTORCYCLES is now carrying the Robinson Industries output shaft support plate for Gen 1 and Gen 2 Hayabusas...click for more details

Kawasaki Police 1000 Stickers
The police bike stickers are now available for only $12.95. They are approximately 5 1/2" in diameter, and are copies of the original California Highway Patrol decals - except that "highway patrol" has been taken off and replaced with "Kawasaki Police 1000" . . . they are clear-coated to be fuel resistant, and will not fade.

Wossner Pistons

Replace your current pistons with quality pistons from Germany!
Available for several models...click for more details
ARP 10mm Stud Kits - IN STOCK!
Call for pricing!

New!! Dynojet Multi-Function Hub - IN STOCK!
Call for pricing...

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