This is a Gen 2 Hayabusa billet fuel rail with 62 lb injectors in the upper location...
click for more details

RCC'S Mechanical Scavenge Pump For Hayabusas

This pump uses the factory Suzuki mounting screws, and is black
anodized for great looks and long lasting durability...click for more details

Powerstack Shootout Turbo Air Filter

The ultimate air filter for your turbo! This filter is the same one you see on all the shootout bikes...click for more details

Shootout Pipe For Hahn Racecraft Turbos

Your turbo will spool faster, and you'll make more horsepower with this pipe...click for more details

Replacement Hahn Header

No more cracks, and no more fighting to get your mild steel header back in the exhaust ports...click for more details

Turbo Hayabusa Plenum Tie-Down Modification Kit

Absolutely necessary for any boost over 15 pounds...
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RCC Stage II Piggyback Plenum Upgrade

Well capable of fueling any turbo 'Busa over 600 RWHP,
and totally mappable throughout the different boost
levels...click for more details

AMS-1000 Boost Controller

This is the controller used by the world's quickest and fastest turbo motorcycles...click for more details
Two-Stage Boost Controller
This electric boost controller gives you access to two boost levels, making your bike more controllable and more rideable at the same time...click for more details

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and as such, no warranty is expressed or implied.

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