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This V-style Stage II plenum comes polished with 95
pound injectors, billet fuel rail, a 50mm Tial
Blow-off valve, and hold-down straps. Also included is
a 4 Bar Microtech Fuel computer, software, and wiring

These are the very same piggyback injectors and
Microtech box that are used on the RCC Ultra kit -
well capable of fueling any turbo 'Busa over 600 RWHP,
and totally mappable throughout the different boost
levels. This plenum was originally designed to be an
upgrade to the Hahn turbo kits, but has a 2" inlet in
line with the left ram-air frame cutout, and will fit
any turbo kit using that configuration.

This fuel upgrade should be used with a good fuel pump
and a 1:1 fuel regulator, which are not included . . .


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